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2019 NDNGLA Convention Speakers and Topics

2019 NDNGLA Seminars & Speakers

Debra Pedraza - Drone Class and Exhibition

Debra Pedraza, drone pilot, will explain drone safety and protocols, types of drones, uses and limitations, and how you can use drones in the horticulture industry.

Ken Kuhajda – Those Pesky Problems in the Greenhouse & Nursery

It is hard to control pests around plants when there are desirable plants around too.  Come and learn how to control insects, diseases, and weeds both in the greenhouse and nursery plant holding and sales areas. Ken is the regional sales manager with OHP.


Suzette Nordstrom – Creating Your Gardening Community

You need customers to stay in business. Learn how to market and advertise to reach new customers and keep your gardening community growing. Suzette is the regional sales rep for Monrovia.


Russell Emerson – How Do You Compare

Russell has been doing pricing surveys with his customers for years. Learn where you compare to the other companies and how should you be pricing in order to make a profit. Russell is the regional sales rep for Ball Horticulture.


Zach Stewart – How to Grow Your Plant Health Care Business

With Emerald Ash Borer and other tree problems on the horizon, should you expand into a tree treatment division and what is needed in order to do that. Zach is with Rainbow Tree Company.


Marketing Panel – Getting People In the Door

5 companies have agreed to come talk about promotions, advertising, and things they do to get customers in the door.


Kirsten Jenson – Marketing/Social Media That Gets Engagement

Advertising can be expensive, especially if it doesn’t work. Learn how to make your advertising effective from someone who has been doing it for over 20 years. Kirsten is the founder of Next Action Digital.


Julie Keyes – Succession Planning

Many of us are getting to the age where we want to start slowing down.  How do you get your business ready to sell or bring people on board that will take over? Julie is the founder and owner of Keyes Strategies.


Josh Heggem – the Post Weinstein World

It is a whole different world out there.  Just ask Garrison Keillor, Al Franken, and a host of others. Learn how to avoid accusations of sexual harassment at your business.  Josh is a partner at Pemberton Law and focuses his practice on employment and labor law.


Josh Heggem – Not Safe For Work

Learn how to deal with social media posts by yourself or your employees that can cause problems.  Also, what are your rights and what can you do if you have employees that are constantly checking their electronic devices instead of working.


John Erwin – Plant Growth Regulators

If you grow a bedding plant crop, come learn what you can do for effective plant growth control with products, tank mixes, and environmental controls to produce a great crop. John Erwin is with the University of Minnesota.

John Erwin – Reducing Crop Inputs for Increased Profitability

You might say this is Bedding Crop – Part II. Learn how to grow the crop with less and/or more efficient inputs.


Don Engebretson – Landscaping for the Birds, Bees, & Butterflies

Landscaping for pollinator health and environmental sustainability are very important to some customers these days.  Come and learn! Don Engebretson is also known as the Renegade Gardener and has presented seminars all over the US in addition to writing for numerous magazines.


Don Engebretson - Creating Beautiful Landscapes Through Balance, Scale, & Movement

Don will cover landscape design incorporating color, texture, shapes and groupings to achieve a beautiful finished product.


Rich Lahren – Will You Be In Business Next Year?

Rich will cover bidding and estimating to cover your costs and make a profit. Rich presented this seminar at a Hardscape class several years ago.  It received such great high marks from attendees, we will have it for all to enjoy (with some updating) at the Convention. Rich is with Hebron Brick.


Dan Sandor – Irrigation Part I and Irrigation Part II

Dan will cover all things irrigation including new technology equipment and water conservation.) The NDNGLA Board wanted to provide good education on irrigation for contractors.  Dan specializes in irrigation and is with the University of Minnesota.