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2020 NDNGLA Convention Speakers and Topics

Being A True Professional – Mark Chisolm

Mark is one part acrobat, one part expert rope climber, one part tree physiologist, and several parts competitor and thrill seeker. He is a Tree Climbing Champion and also a third generation certified arborist with a passion and enthusiasm for trees.  Learn how to be a professional in your business!


Advertising & Recruiting in Today’s World – Rick Fink

Rick will cover how to make your advertising work for you.  Everyone is facing a labor shortage, and he will cover how to advertise to get the right workers for your business especially in this tough labor shortage market!


20 Tips for Creating Better Ads – Rick Fink

Should you advertise only on social media? Which platform should you use? Should you blend in radio, TV, newspaper? Advertising can be very expensive and dollars are really limited.  Rick will cover how to develop effective ads for your business whether that is retail, wholesale, garden center, or landscaping!


High on Hemp – Keith Knudson

The agriculture and horticulture industries are experiencing a new opportunity due to the 2018 Farm Bill legalization of hemp production.  This session will focus on commercial propagation, cultivation, and processing of hemp in addition to state and federal compliance and regulation relating to the hemp industry.  Keith will discuss his experiences with growing hemp and hurdles he encountered along the way!


Landscape Metrics – Judson Griggs

Jud has over 40 years experience in Design/Build and is now part of the Harvester Landscape Consulting Group.  He says if you can’t measure it, you can’t grow it.  He understands what it takes to have a successful landscaping business and more importantly, he knows what mistakes and pitfalls to avoid!


Building Your Landscape Team – Judson Griggs

Jud served as President of ALCA (now NALP) in 1997.  One of the most important things he learned during that time is how to build a team and then to delegate to the team.  He will talk about whether one person can design, sell, estimate, and manage the installation of their projects plus a whole lot more.  If you want information on how to run your business better, attend Jud’s seminars!


Start Clean, Stay Clean – Greg Bryant (This seminar is sponsored by Tessmans)

Greg Bryant is the IPM Specialist for Beneficial Insectary.  If you have considered going to beneficials, be sure to attend this class to find out what to use, when to use, and how to use to prevent and control those pesky problems!


So You Think You Know How to Plant and Prune - Gary Johnson

Gary is presenting much of the same information he will cover on Monday for the NDUCFA seminars.  He has been doing lots of research at the University of Minnesota and will surprise you regarding circling roots in containers among other planting practices.  Whether you have a garden center or landscaping business, this is a great seminar to attend and bring your employees too!


In Full Bloom – Rick Livermore

Rick will give you lots of display ideas as he presents a pictorial tour of over two dozen garden centers in North Dakota and Minnesota taken during the month of May 2019.  You may even see your place in full selling-season glory!


Grow Profits With Drone Technologies – Debra and Juan Pedraza

Last year, we had such horrible weather that many people were not able to attend our seminar on drones.  Never fear, Debra and Juan from Stemflash Media are back to cover how drones and drone footage can be used in your business and advertising!


What’s New and Nice for the Next Decade – Alisha Asleson

Many of you were able to follow Alisha, from Plant Connection, as she went to the Spring Trials and saw many of the good and/or new plants on display there.  If not, she will present in person to show new plants, not so new plants, and those she just plain likes to use or recommend for planters, hanging baskets, etc.!


Marketing & Plants for the Millennials – Esther McGinnis

We have been selling to the Boomer Generation for many years, but what are the Millennials looking for?  See what this whole new crop of customers is looking for whether it be houseplants, landscaping, food, and so much more!


What Lighting Can Do For You – Shayne Johnson

This seminar might better be called “What can do lighting do for your crop and in turn for your profits.” Shayne will cover different lighting, how it affects the timing and quality of your crop.  This will be an excellent seminar for all greenhouse and garden center crop growers. 


Jeremy M. Mansell – Rain Bird Training

Jeremy will be conducting an all day Rain Bird Training for Irrigation Contractors on Monday, Jan. 27.  This class will cover electrical trouble shooting and 2 wire trouble shooting with hands-on training.  This is being limited to two people per company in order to get the information out to as many companies in the region as possible.  Registration is also limited to 30 people.  SiteOne is sponsoring the class so it is free to NDNGLA members.  Convention registration is separate from this class.  Board member, Tyrel Thorson, is taking the lead to help so you can register with him at or call 701-429-3651.