Active Membership

Active, voting membership is limited to those firms or individuals who are actively engaged in the Green Industry. 

[Plant Nursery, Greenhouse Production, Landscape Design and Construction, Landscape Architecture, or Garden Centers]

Dues:  $100.00 per year

Government Active Membership 

Active, voting membership for Green Industry - Government employees 

[Parks and Recreation, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Forestry, Extension Services, etc.)

Dues:  $100.00 per year


Associate Membership

Associate, non-voting, membership may be given to any firm or individual who engages in the production or sale of allied products of landscape and greenhouse operators or those who are not North Dakota Residents.  Associate members may be considered for active membership after three continuous years of associate membership. * requires action of the Executive Board.

Dues:  $50.00 per year

Educational / Student Membership

Excludes Extension Staff

Dues:  $35.00 per year

Membership Application

To apply for membership, please inquire at: