Membership Information

Active Membership

Active, voting membership is limited to those firms or individuals who are actively engaged in the growing, landscape planting, and/or landscape designing or merchandising of nursery stock and greenhouse plants, or are currently pursuing that work in North Dakota.

Dues:  $80.00 per year


Associate Membership

Associate, non-voting, membership may be given to any firm and/or individual who engages in the production or sale of allied products of nurserymen and greenhouse operators and/or those who are not North Dakota Residents.  Associate members may be considered for active membership after three years as an associate member by action of the Executive Board.

Dues:  $40.00 per year

Educational (including Extension staff) or Student

Dues:  $25.00 per year

Membership Application

To apply for membership, please use the form attached below or contact Gloria Vande Brake at 701-886-7673 or e-mail